Dear colleagues, dear friends,

After the unfortunate cancellation of the date in Geneva, I have the great pleasure on behalf of the Swiss Society of Addiction Medicine (SSAM) to welcome you the 24 June 2022 in Bern to the 8th SWISS ADDICTION RESEARCH DAY. This event is not only a welcome opportunity to exchange ideas in person after months of isolation due to the pandemic, but also an opportunity to get an overview of some current scientific developments in the field of addiction. For this year, a focus topic has emerged that has a certain tradition in Switzerland: research on psychedelics.
The SWISS ADDICTION RESEARCH DAY will take place in the house of «Zum Äusseren Stand», Zeughausgasse 17, 3011 Bern on 24 June 2022.

Traditionally, the RESEARCH DAY of the SSAM has afforded an opportunity to honour superior accomplishments in the field of addiction research. For the sixth time, the Swiss Addiction Research Award (SARA) will be handed over on the occasion of our research day to excellent scientists in order to honor their outstanding performance.

I would therefore like to welcome you to Bern

Daniele Zullino


09.30 – 10.00 Welcome coffee
10.00 – 12.00 Presentations
12.00 – 13.00 Lunch
13.00 – 14.00 Presentations
14.00 – 15.00 Swiss award

Confirmed presentations : 

  • Protocole presentation: Psychedelic Relaunch of Diaphin Assisted Treatment: a randomised, double-blind, active-placebo controlled phase II study.
    Federico Seragnoli. HUG, Service d’Addictologie
  • Accessibility to diacetylmorphine program among patients receiving opioid agonist treatment.
    Jacques Gaume. CHUV, Service de Médecine des Addictions
  • Park-Heroes. 
    Vanessa Fleury. HUG, Service de neurologie
  • Pathways to addiction: Trajectories and vulnerability in substance use. 
    Stephanie Baggio.
  • An observational study on nasal diacetylmorphine treatment – preliminary results.
    Maximilian Meyer. University Psychiatric Clinics Basel
  • «One prick and then it´s done» – a mixed-methods exploratory study on intramuscular injection in heroin-assisted treatment. 
    Maximilian Meyer/Ramon Eichenberger. University Psychiatric Clinics Basel
  • Altered States of Consciousness in a cohort of young Swiss men: associations with substance use and personality traits.
    Lousiana Deligianni. CHUV, Service de Médecine des Addictions

Date and location

The Swiss Addiction Research Day will take place in the house of «Zum Äusseren Stand», Zeughausgasse 17, 3011 Bern on 24 June 2022

Recognition of training credits

  • 4 pts of training credits for Psychiatry
  • 4 pts of SSAM specialty training credits in addiction psychiatry



Swiss Addiction Research Award

The Swiss Society of Addiction Medicine (SSAM) will award a research prize for valuable scientific work in the field of addiction research from Switzerland. The award will honour outstanding contributions based on their scientific value, originality, and innovation.

The prize money is 5,000 CHF and and it will be shared between a maximum of three researchers. The recipient/s will be invited to present his or her research at that year’s Conference.

The Swiss Addiction Research Award will be presented at the Swiss Addiction Day, which will take place on the 24.06.2022.

The prize can be awarded to studies from within Switzerland, that are published in German, French or English, no earlier than 2 years before the submission date or that have been accepted for printing by an academic publisher no later than the submission date.

Papers should be submitted in the form of the following PDF documents (title page with author information, anonymized manuscript and short curriculum vitae of the first author) by 31.05.2022 to:

Sekretariat SSAM, Email: